Notes of Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Dried Berries & Velvety

Shoreline is a classic blend with a rich and dynamic flavor. It is expertly crafted for a traditional, fruit-forward espresso, but it also brews up beautifully as a more robust filter coffee. This blend provides a comforting and familiar experience - look for a delicate balance of bittersweet dark chocolate, wine-like tones, hints of caramel and brown sugar sweetness.

Coffee Details

  • Origin: Ethiopia, Colombia
  • Producer: Various smallholder farmers
  • Process: Natural and Washed
  • Elevation: 1900-2500 meters

Shoreline blends tradition and modernity, resulting in a well-crafted roast with heightened sweetness. Notes of fruity wine, caramel, brown sugar, and chocolate are uncovered in this blend of in-season Ethiopian and washed Latin American coffees. It can stand alone or be paired with your choice of dairy or non-dairy milk. You’ll find Shoreline is a rich and dynamic espresso as well as a more robust filter option for those who prefer a more developed, traditional profile. Expect a sugary and intricate blend with hints of dried berries and a velvety, smooth texture.