Craft Roasting

We bring these coffees back to Southern Shores and roast them on a San Franciscan drum roaster (hand-made in the USA) in small batches. We use our years of roasting and cupping knowledge to ensure we’ve maximized each coffee’s inherent sweetness and flavor, while highlighting its unique nuances. 

Coffee is a fruit and seasonally harvested. This means that the coffee you are enjoying, whether a single origin or blend is always fresh and cupping to its full potential. 

We maintain our commitment to freshly harvested coffees by sourcing coffees with similar flavor profiles. This allows us to have year-round blends and showcase the coffees at their best.

Every batch we roast is meticulously sensory tested by our quality team to ensure it meets our desired profile.

You’ll find our single origin coffees are typically roasted light medium to accentuate their naturally fruity, bright, complex flavors, while we generally choose a more developed roast for our blends, to bring out more rich, full-bodied, chocolatey notes.

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