“Shore up” def: to make something stronger by supporting it

Beyond exceptional coffee, we’re passionate about our coastal community, and dedicated to giving back. Through Shore Up, each sale of our coffees supports organizations doing great work in the Outer Banks area.  And that means each bag we sell is more than just coffee — it’s meals for families, protection for our coastal environment, support for individuals with substance and mental health needs, and bright futures for children in our community 

Shore Up aims to make a difference with every sip to preserve and protect the beauty of the Outer Banks and support the people and animals who call it home. Join us! 

Our roastery cafe is set to open later this fall, and we hope to begin making contributions by the start of fall. Please check back in to learn more about the transformative organizations that have benefited from your support! 


Every bag of Shore Coffee product sold helps fund organizations that work to empower our communities and environment.