Colombia Pink Bourbon


Strawberry Custard, Banana, Orchard Apricot

This outstanding offering from Julio Cesar Madrid is a gem. The Pink Bourbon varietal always manages to stand out, with a range of flavors that are both invigorating and unforgettable. In the cup, we taste notes of tropical fruit, followed by a combination of strawberry custard and banana, finished with ripe stone fruit reminiscent of freshly picked orchard apricots.

Coffee Details 

  • Origin: Santa Rosa De Cabal, Risaralda, Colombia
  • Producer: Julio Cesar Madrid | Finca La Riviera
  • Process: Washed
  • Elevation: 1650 meters

Julio Cesar Madrid is a third-generation coffee grower dedicated to cultivating and producing standout coffees. Finca La Riviera is a 38-hectare showcase farm in the Tisnes’s family collection of award-winning coffee estates, where Julio focuses on innovation and non-traditional varieties. Located in the central foothills of the Andes Mountains within the Risaralda Department, Finca La Riviera’s young soil is enriched with nutrients from the relatively recent eruptions of nearby volcanoes. The wide thermal range of the microclimate reaches up to 30ºC in the daytime and can drop to 15ºC in the evening, allowing coffee cherries to develop complex and unique flavors.

At Finca La Riviera, cherries are pulped on the same day they’re harvested and left to oxidize in tanks for 20 hours. Afterward, the beans are washed and sun-dried for 20-25 days. The washed process allows the terroir to shine, highlighting the growing conditions, the region, and the true character of the coffee.
The result is an incredibly complex, full-bodied, juicy Colombian coffee. In the cup, a medium roast allows the heavy body, creamy custard mouthfeel and bursts of tropical fruit to take center stage. Enjoy this limited pink bourbon offering from Julio Cesar Madrid. 

What Is Pink Bourbon?

The Pink Bourbon coffee variety has been making waves for its extremely sweet and complex cup character and the striking pink color of its cherries. A natural cross between Red and Yellow Bourbon, selecting and developing Pink Bourbon was no small feat to draw out the recessive genetics responsible for the coffee’s striking pink color and characteristics.