First Dip


Notes of Red Berries, Stone Fruit, Fresh Squeezed Mandarin

Celebrate spring with First Dip, our latest blend that captures the essence of the season's firsts: the initial toe-dip in cool waters, the inaugural inhale of blossoms dotting the dunes, and our first sense of change in the air. Delicious hot or iced, First Dip boasts a lighter roast for a softer mouthfeel and a pristine, clean finish—just like spring. At its heart is a sweet, sugary melody of stone fruits and vibrant citrus high notes, making this coffee a spectacular kickoff to the season, meant for serene moments, outdoor adventures, or a deeper communion with nature. Let the lively and citrusy essence of spring rejuvenate your spirit with every cup of First Dip.

Coffee Details

  • Origin: Washed Guatemala (Huehuetenango) and Natural Ethiopia (Guji)
  • Producer: Smallholder farmers
  • Process: Washed, Natural
  • Elevation: 1,500-1,800  meters

First Dip brings together in-season microlot beans from Guatemala and Ethiopia, specifically selected for their ability to embody the bright, lively flavors of spring in a balanced, clean profile. This light-medium roast enhances the inherent brightness of the beans, perfect for the longer days of spring. It’s a delightful dance of fruity and floral notes, with a base of sweet brown sugars, and hints of juicy red berries, cherries, apricots, and a touch of fresh squeezed sweet citrus. Designed to shine using any brew method, First Dip is particularly refreshing as a cold brew or pour-over. Dive into First Dip today and enjoy the vibrant and balanced taste of spring.