Sea Oats


Notes of Milk Chocolate, Jammy Fruit, Sugared Walnut

Comforting and soulful. Our foundational house blend, this coffee is comforting and dynamic. We love how it captures the perfect balance between rich, full-bodied chocolates, and bright modern acidity.

Coffee Details

  • Origin: Ethiopia and Colombia
  • Producer: Various smallholder farmers
  • Process: Washed
  • Elevation: 1900-2500 meters
Sea Oats dot the dunes with their golden tassels and defend the coast we all love and enjoy. Our coast's best ambassadors, sea oats not only represent our deep coffee roots, they inspire us. They're lovely enough to put on a postcard, yet resilient enough to withstand a North Carolina hurricane.

SHORE’s Sea Oats captures everything we love about crafting specialty coffee and serves as our flagship house blend. Comfortable, approachable, and delicious any way you brew. We build our Sea Oats with seasonally fresh microlots and aim for a profile of sweet caramelized sugars, candied nuts, milk chocolate, a round, full body with a citrusy finish. It's perfect on its own and pairs well to dairy and plant-based creamers. We can’t get enough of Sea Oats brewed daily, and soon it will be your favorite, too!