Soundside DECAF


Notes of Brown Sugar, Roasted Hazelnut, Citrus

Rest easy. This coffee has everything we love about coffees from Colombia with none of the caffeine, thanks to the sugar cane decaffeination process. Sweet and bright with notes of brown sugar, toasted hazelnut, citrus, and a velvety chocolate cream finish.

Coffee Details

  • Origin: Nariño, Colombia
  • Producer: Smallholder Producers; Promotora Cafe de Altura
  • Process: Sugar Cane Process
  • Elevation: 1,850 meters

Our flagship decaf is aptly fashioned after the calm waters of our very own Currituck Sound. Soundside performs well as both an espresso and filter brew – delivering sweet, complex flavor and velvety body in a cup you can enjoy anytime. This intensely sweet and clean decaf coffee comes from the small town of Buesaco, nestled in the Andes Mountains of Nariño, Colombia.

The Promotora Cafe de Altura Cooperative collects coffees from smallholders whose farms are tucked into the slopes surrounding the town. The coop works with more than 300 smallholder farmers and focuses on making coffee profitable and environmentally sustainable for its community. At the co-op’s facilities, lots are analyzed and purchased, and the farmers are paid premiums on top of the market price. These premiums incentivize high-quality standards and good agricultural practices, like avoiding glyphosate and other chemicals.

Promotora Cafe de Altura cups coffees throughout harvest delivery to build uniform and consistent cup profile lots. This particular lot consists of small batches of beans from farms around the Galeras Volcano and was decaffeinated using the Sugar Cane or “EA” decaffeination process. It also meets our Soundside Decaf flavor profile of sweet and bright with notes of chocolate and brown sugar - so we can offer you an in-season decaf year-round. You’ll find Soundside as your go-to decaffeinated filter or pour-over option. Wind down with this delicious decaf from Nariño, Colombia.

Sugar Cane Processing (EA Decaffeination)

Sugar Cane processing, commonly known as “EA decaf,” is a natural process that uses ethyl acetate, a product made by fermenting molasses derived from sugar cane to dissolve caffeine from green coffee. The most important part of EA coffee, and why it tastes so sweet, is it avoids high pressure and high heat which degrade coffee quickly. This natural method allows the coffee’s natural terroir to shine, retaining its beautiful flavor characteristics and rich body. It’s just one of the many reasons we love this sweet, bright decaf.