Sumatra Gayo Anaerobic Natural


Notes of Boozy Cocoa, Jasmine, Passionfruit, Limeade

Roast Level_Light Medium
Bursting with juicy flavors of fruit punch, limeade, and passion fruit, this Sumatra Gayo Anaerobic Natural delivers complex flavors, sugary sweetness, and boozy chocolate tones for adventurous coffee drinkers who love a fruit-forward cup.⁠

Coffee Details 

  • Origin: Aceh, Sumatra
  • Producer: Smallholder farmers 
  • Process: 25-Day Anaerobic Natural
  • Elevation: 1500–1600 meters

This coffee was grown in the Sintep and Kenawat sub-districts of the Aceh province of Sumatra. Bordering a small inland lake, coffee cherries soak up the typical Indonesian humid conditions and rich, black humus soil. Smallholder farmers give particular attention to coffee, ensuring strict quality and sustainable efforts that directly benefit the livelihood of their community. 

This coffee underwent Anaerobic Natural processing, referred to as “Wine Process,” for the strong wine-like aromas and flavors produced by the processing method. Freshly harvested cherries are washed just before being sealed into airtight containers. The cherries are fermented in this anaerobic environment for 25 days before being rinsed with water and moved to the drying area. The fermented cherries are dried to a 12–13% humidity before being milled and sorted. 

Sumatran coffees are often full-bodied and filled with woodsy, rustic sweetness. You’ll find with this anaerobic processed coffee, it’s still traditionally Indonesian, yet packed with an outstanding and juicy fruitiness, making it fun and complex. Be on the lookout for incredible jasmine-like florals, passionfruit and limeade flavors, and a big juicy fruit and boozy cocoa finish. This is the perfect coffee to sip and savor after a meal or when you are feeling adventurous.